Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Just a few photos from our exhibition, Forts, that took place last week.Thanks to everyone who came out. We had a great time. I posted a few videos on Vine of the event if you'd like to check those out too. The artists that exhibited are just really great people and I'm so happy to support their work. 
 photo 5KS4Gyk5s1p7PsW4Q6Pt3_C0z3NB1DI5vn0HW3UOjQo_zps3ed6d6e2.jpeg  photo h1eHMUShOTibhowexa-KOXKDmb9wZKrd5ehBEXpxwe0_zps4f0666a4.jpeg  photo Lpfy2-84PE2NKNfhdYCH9BXNfUs7-Z_IzxqFrPXUipo_zpsb1b93289.jpeg  photo MtAO8dO-A_e7X1XaA6RAyzztctJjFEmHXNA_cwkYWhk_zps58707e2a.jpeg  photo FipvEbTfDnfw-6eeQCLyJCX1Md5OI75FjoNTxDu_Ue8_zps7cc131e8.jpeg  photo uVRXJrNuYKnCnrjK6pw0lK5SAHsPpPXFbRIQ5GWAeEs_zpsd36945c0.jpeg  photo YlTlEW7A3O4fo8dJlXm9AXxowFdieBksTzxpuREB_m0_zps766e1a79.jpeg  photo UZKkgdODUNKU1-KYyfDzh-4TnEVzJxgfx4Wy9OC3x4M_zps810c4e94.jpeg
Photography by Kate McLuckie


  1. Looks like a really fun event. What band played?

  2. Seal! She's such an amazing singer/songwriter here in Cape Town. Check out her music here

  3. Really nice, I personally love attending such events. One day even I hope have an art exhibition of my own. :) You mus hv great rt.

  4. This looks very nice. I do have a question, though. You live in South Africa. Do you not have any non-white friends?


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