Pin It Forward

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Today I'm happy to be participating in Pin It Forward hosted by Victoria from sfgirlbybay and Pinterest. The theme is "What Home Means To Me."

I grew up at the beach and it will always feel like home to me. My dad's vegetable garden, mom's cooking and brothers surf stuff lying around the house all feel like home. And now that I'm married and live in South Africa I'm just starting out trying to make a home. For us, the two most important things are having a home with a warm, inviting feeling- I like mixing old and new- and most of the things in our house came from flea markets. And inviting people in, cooking for them, hosting parties and relaxing with friends. At the end of the day home is the friends and family you surround yourself with.


Make sure to check out solsticehome tomorrow for Sue's post on what home means to her! And to check out the rest of my pin board and get all image credits go here.


  1. I love that near the ocean has always been home to you. I've lived by the beach many times and it has my heart for sure. Great post!

  2. hey fellow south african expad! howzit!
    which city do you call your new home?
    love your post, off to check out your pin board

  3. That's great that most things in your home are from flea markets. I really want to go to the beach now!

  4. wow! just gorgeous images! thank you so much for joining in the mashup! :)


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