June's Flowers

Thursday, June 28, 2012

I'm so pleased about this new series. If you missed my earlier post where I shared my plan to create a flower arrangement each month (similar to last years "cake a month" series) consider yourself filled in. So here it is- June's arrangement. Poppies, mums and tulips make up the bulk of the arrangement. I used lisianthus and garden clippings from around my neighborhood for filler. Don't you think poppies are such a happy flower?
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  1. They ARE such happy flowers. Beautiful arrangement by the way.Love the jug you used.

  2. beautiful! I love this series! I've always wanted to try something similar to ikibana and flower arrangement....seems super calming.

  3. Totally agree. It's the first time I've heard chrysanthemums referred to as 'mums' - genius! Also love that you've included those skinny-stemmed nasturtium leaves. Thanks for the mention a couple of posts ago, you are too sweet x

  4. Poppies are beautiful, but the red ones are not so happy, because of their connotation of war. They make some older people sad.

    Do you think the vase plays a part in the flower arrangement? I make wooden bud vases. They only hold a little water, so can only take a few small flowers. With just two or three sweet peas, the vase can be part of the display. You can see my vases here

  5. So lovely! So glad to see poppies in there, they're one of my favorites :) Can it be next month already for the new arrangement?


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