12 Days of Christmas with: {Wit + Delight}

Monday, December 20, 2010

Today, Kate from the stunning blog, {Wit + Delight} is sharing her Christmas favorites. It sounds like her seven year old self had the best Christmas ever. Read more below.
cd, first generation ipod, mulled wine, bag
What is your favorite Christmas carol?
-My favorite is "Still, Still, Still," sung in German by the Vienna Boys' Choir. A close second: Greensleves played on the piano by Vince Guaraldi on "A Charlie Brown Christmas."
What is your favorite Christmas memory?
-My favorite Christmas memory was when I was 7, the very last Christmas I truly believed in Santa Claus. My parents went all out; huge stockings, candy everywhere, 1/2 eaten carrot (we left it for the reindeer), a note from Santa, toy train going around the tree- the works. I thought it was the most magical thing I had ever seen. They knew it was going to be the last year I had that innocent child-like wonder when it came to Christmas, I was already asking why Santa had suspiciously similar handwriting to that of my father.
What is your favorite gift you've ever received?
-The first generation iPod.
What are you hoping to get for Christmas this year?
-I really want a Claire Vivire Messenger Bag in Poppy. I think a red bag would be a fun versatile way to add a pop of color to my very neutral wardrobe. That, or an iPad.
What is your favorite Christmas tradition?
-Christmas Eve we have a huge feast at our house with our long-time family friends. We always make mulled wine and the smell will forever remind me of Christmas Eve.
What is your favorite gift to give?
-I love to give books. My friends and family are all avid readers and books get passed around through out the year. Giving a few new books at Christmas is a gift that keeps giving through out the year.

Thanks Kate! Tomorrow, Diana from Miss Moss will be sharing.


  1. love Kate! I would love the Claire Vivier bag too

  2. This series makes me happy. : )

  3. Love this series - so fun. Expanding my wish list with every post...


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