Mayflower Supply Co. Spring Look Book

Monday, May 19, 2014

I'm kind of obsessed with Look Books. They are easily one of my favorite things to look at online so when I came across Mayflower Supply Company's Spring Look Book I got retardedly excited because it's so damn perfect. It definitely tops my list of favorites that I've seen in a long time. Take a look.

 photo SP14_look01_zpsd39cc5d2.jpg  photo SP14_look02_zpsd02ecdce.jpg  photo SP14_look03_zpsd05564c7.jpg  photo SP14_look04_zpsa85462cb.jpg  photo SP14_look05_zps0062e372.jpg  photo SP14_look08_zpsa4013361.jpg  photo SP14_look07_zpsb39e613c.jpg  photo SP14_look10_72b82eca-cfe4-4bef-b424-973c07619078_zps632d9951.jpg  photo SP14_look11_zps0ae75384.jpg  photo SP14_look14_zps6e816bb5.jpg  photo SP14_look15_zps2fbf72c1.jpg  photo SP14_look17_zps45dcabcf.jpg  photo SP14_look20_zpsd19459a0.jpg
I'm also itching for one of their wild fern envelope clutches and the Forts Look Book that I art directed for a Cape Town exhibition. 


  1. Have you by chance seen the latest Hermes Look Book? For some strange reason they mailed it me, and it is one impressive publication.

  2. I love Mayflower and this look book is spot on, such an inspiration!


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