My Springtime Essentials

Monday, May 5, 2014

What you see below have kind of become my uniform this Spring. A few basics that I am  totally in love with and live in include my clogs, a slim fitting pair of overalls, a knit top- I have a couple different ones and I love them so much, a basic white t-shirt (i have an addiction to basic white t's), a good pair of sunglasses, a really great sweatshirt that can be thrown on top for chilly evenings but still looks good- I love this one from ILY, and my sisal bag that I got from a market in South Africa but you can find them all over Etsy as well. What do you think? What are your go to pieces for this Spring?
 photo spring_zpsbaf93301.jpg


  1. I love this! I would like a good pair of clogs for my spring uniform. I'm also thinking cut-off shorts and simple little vintage sweaters. I also have a woven jute bag that I love dearly, it reminds me of my mother.


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