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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Beautiful wooden necklaces by Kim Dulaney of Fortune JewelryNecklaces are one of those luxuries I can't really afford to wear these days because it will get ripped off my neck instantly by my baby. So I stick to rings and bracelets most days but man would I love to put one of these pieces around my neck.  See more of her work here and visit her Etsy shop here.
 photo woody_zps5353bf7c.jpg  photo w49_zps40984f2d.jpg  photo w40_zps9a2646ef.jpg  photo w10_zpse77be87f.jpg
 photo w33_zps971025ce.jpg


  1. wow wow wow. these are beautiful! you should treat yourself to one for when your baby has lost all interest in pulling dangling objects (okay ... so that mightn't be for awhile ...)

  2. There are seriously beautiful. Where can you purchase them? I can't find any links on her website. x

  3. Hannah- she has an Etsy shop-
    Sorry I thought it linked on her website!


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