Northern Hem / Southern Hem

Friday, April 19, 2013

I'm starting a new series called "Northern Hem, Southern Hem" because every time the seasons change my mind has a complete disconnect. "Fall in April? That can't be right." Growing up and living in the Northern Hemisphere (Virginia to be exact) for my entire life, April is firmly planted in my mind as Spring, just as July is Summer. But since moving to South Africa four years ago and thus the Southern Hemisphere, my mind hasn't quite been able to make the mental switch- especially when talking to friends and family back home and seeing tons of warm weather related posts all over the internet. Anyway this is a very long winded explanation of the new series. Here's the first edition. On the left you have your Northern Hemisphere shoe- perfect for Spring and a steal at only $38! (it also comes in this other great color) And on the right you have your Southern Hemisphere shoe- perfect for Fall. I have these shoes on the right and I love them! Both shoes are from Need Supply.
 photo hem_zps3170f479.jpg


  1. Love the shoes on the right! And I have to say, it must be so crazy to switch hemispheres like that. I have a lot of australian friends, so I feel like we're always talking about this, but christmas in the middle of summer?! So many little life details like that that must take quite a bit of adjusting to get used to!

  2. i am totally in the same mind frame!! i live in australia now, and grew up in california. it is really hard to adapt to the seasons being backwards. i feel you. :) love the post!


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