Kinfolk Dinner Series Comes To Cape Town

Friday, March 1, 2013

A few months ago I was contacted by the Kinfolk team about hosting a dinner series in Cape Town and ever since then I've been patiently waiting to tell you the exciting news of the Kinfolk Dinner Series coming to Cape Town. Kinfolk is expanding their amazing workshops and dinners to different countries all over the world in 2013- a global celebration of good food, good company and the simple pleasures in life. There will be two dinners in Cape Town this year, one in April and the other in October. Tickets can be purchased through the Kinfolk website during the month of the event. I hope to see your faces there! 
 photo img0657-l_zpsb60ad9df.jpg  photo pdx1_zps92e4a937.jpg  photo terrain_kinfolk_9_zps5da50d2d.jpg  photo pdx16_zps3fda58a5.jpg
 photo terrain_kinfolk_19_zps37cea30e.jpg
 photo pdx33_zps4c1eb4ba.jpg


  1. Ah that is so exciting!! Its so easy to get lost in everything that is Kinfolk, I have often found myself watching some of the dinner series videos and slipping into a dreamlike state - such simple beauty!
    Now just to get myself to Cape Town from Joburg...

  2. Oh, I love Kinfolk! That's so terrific. If there is a dinner around my area, I'll be sure to join it.

  3. New issue of Kinfolk soon available at Warm & Glad in Johannesburg and Loading Bay in Cape Town. Currently stuck at the Post Office due to strike!

  4. Whuuuuut??? I love these images. Makes me want to escape there for dinner with my favorites to make memories.

    1. Gah! I'm so depressed! There is a kinfolk dinner in Charleston THIS SATURDAY but I can't go because I have classssss. Saaaad.


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