Guest Blogging At Need Supply

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I've got lots of love for Need Supply in Richmond, Virginia- I used to live right down the street from their store in Carytown. This month I'm teaming up with Need and will be guest blogging on their site. If you've never checked out their blog (or their shop for that matter) you should, both are equally wonderful. I'll still be posting here on a regular basis so be sure to check in both places!



  1. Oh my, congrats on that! I really like Need Supply but have only shopped with them online. I think I might go nuts if I went to the B&M store

  2. Oh, so exciting! I love Need Supply, though I've never seen an actual store in person. Their online presence is enough to hook me though. How cool to be blogging over there! I will swing by and check you out.

  3. Oh yay for your guest blogging gig - Need Supply looks so good - I'm off to have a peek at their site. Happy New Year!


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