Life Lately + My One Year Old

Sunday, November 25, 2012

My baby turned one today. I can't believe he's been with us for a whole year. Some people say the first year is a blur but I feel like I can remember every single detail. It's been the sweetest year. 

We decided to roll our Christmas trip home to include Thanksgiving and Wills first birthday. We haven't been home for Thanksgiving in four years so it was a real treat. A few things that happened this past month... Flower Safari was a success! A wedding I had been planning for a lovely couple turned out beautifully. We celebrated Wills first birthday a week early with friends in South Africa before flying out for America; had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family back in Virginia and even got around to picking out our Christmas tree! 


  1. such a beautiful table setting and happy birthday to your baby boy!

  2. Oh congratulations - one year - wow that went fast! Happy days to you and your family!

  3. so lovely! happy birthday to your little guy.


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