I Need A Vacation

Friday, September 14, 2012

It's not often that I feel like I need a vacation. But right now I feel like I need a vacation. And I'll I'd want to do on this vacation is find a cozy spot, curl up and fall asleep for 1000 years (preferably in the sunshine). So this amazing floating hotel that cruises up and down the Nile river sounds perfect. When I get tired of laying in the sun on the top deck I'd just move down below and take a nap in my cozy room. Amazing. Here's hoping to getting some rest this weekend...
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  1. Oh man, that sure does sound perfect!!!

    Happy Friday.

  2. Ugh there's nothing worse than 'needing' a holiday, but not having one in sight. Hoping you have a quiet, relaxing weekend...
    And oh.my.goodness. that floating hotel - jaw-droppingly incredible. I'm madly trying to work out how to get there...I love the descriptions of the rooms etc on their website - truly awesome. Thanks ever so much for the link!
    Take care Annie x

  3. Oh god, that looks like the ultimate, blissful getaway!


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