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Monday, August 27, 2012

Maybe it's the cold weather, but I've been dreaming of filling my entire closet with ankle boots.

Photobucket NO. 6, Madwell, Rag & Bone, Common Projects, J.Crew, A.P.C.


  1. I love ankle boots, I think my favorite of the above is the pair from Rage & Bone.

  2. I feel your pain. Right now I'm nonsensically lusting after these bad boys:

    But those APC booties are gorgeous too! And of course I've always wanted a pair of No.6. Argh. For a more affordable option there's always these:

    I have them in taupe and I love them. Somehow though the black doesn't convince me. If only it were that easy!

  3. Oh booties!
    There are so many adorable pairs of ankle boots on the market right now.
    All of these that you shared are absolutely too cute. I want them all!

    Now if only I could find the perfect pair that actually fits my budget.
    Then the world could keep spinning :)

    The Ace of Hearts

  4. Love the Rag and Bone boots. Actually I love them all! But my ankles aren't skinny enough to wear them with shorts or a skirt/dress :(


  5. oh I cannot have enough ankle boots. So practical. Love the Madewell ones above, and I assume that they are not even that expensive. It's a shame we cannot get that brand here in Europe.

  6. I love boots!!! Are so classic and combinable. Rag & Bone is my favorite.

  7. Oh! Nice finds. I love the Madewell and No. 6 ones.

  8. I am on the hunt for gray ankle boots in my price range. Sadly, I love the ones that are beyond me. :(Rag & Bone

  9. GAH! My eyes. These price points are paining me.

    Otherwise, I do adore them to no end and I demand sixteen pairs to be placed in my closet immediately.



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