Staying Warm + Looking Good

Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's winter in my neck of the woods and I've been cold for almost two solid months. I'm terrible at staying warm and looking good at the same time. I automatically want to put on the coziest sweats and chunkiest sweater I own and call it a day (and often do). These two ladies seemed to have found a way to make my two favorite winter staples look impossibly chic. I can't even handle the girl on the left- sweats to Paris fashion week and looking g-o-o-d.
Mr. Newton // Street Peeper


  1. I'm terrible in the winter, too. usually end up wearing my husband's sweatpants & hoodies...stay warm!

  2. I'm so in awe of that woman on the left!

    I'm feeling here in Australia, too. Winter as definitely arrived.

  3. Comfort is really my priority when it comes to fashion. This really rocks my knit fashion ideas. Gorgeous. Got my eye on your blog now.

  4. Here in heat wave central, I'm totally baffled by the thought of coldness right now. What is it? I can't remember...


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