What I Wish I Were Wearing

Monday, March 26, 2012

This girl is adorable. I spotted her on the Locals and instantly fell in love with her look, so much so that I've recreated it to the right. I also plan on recreating it on my body this winter. Cape Town's winters are kind of perfect- chilly enough to wear layers but not so cold that you want to kill yourself half way through winter (which is how I used to feel when I lived in the States). Can't wait to wear tights!
sweater, shirt, skirt, tights, shoes


  1. everything looks pretty lovely to me. easy and uncomplicated. tights season is sadly over around my parts.

    best wishes!

  2. that is such a gorgeous outfit!
    i especially love that white button down and that amazingly gorgeous turquoisey gray colored sweater.
    would you mind sharing with us where you found those pieces?
    i would love to re-create this outfit...but i might wait until "tights" season rolls around again :)


  3. Great look! I love the shoes in your recreation!

  4. Great look! I love the shoes in your recreation.

  5. Cape Town Winters really are the best! This is a gorgeous outfit!

  6. Those shoes are amazing! Just when I thought I'd possibly had my fill of clogs (kidding, I can never get enough, but I mean when I thought I'd seen all the variants), you bust out with these. And they're Sanitas! Which means they're probably comfy despite that heel. And totally affordable! Just drooling over all the different colors now. Excuse my overly dramatic gushing, I just got a little excited.


  7. All the sources for the items I pulled are labeled below the post.

    1. oops...my bad! i totally overlooked that. sorry i'm a dork!! :)

  8. I love her outfit, I was already adoring it over on the locals :)


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