Kaufmann Mercantile Giveaway- $50 Gift Certificate!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Giveaway Closed- Congratulations Jillian!
Today I'm super excited to host a giveaway from Kaufmann Mercantile- a $50 gift certificate to their amazing shop! I got Andrew a few items from their store for his birthday recently, including the brass number clips and the envelopes below.  He loved all of them- I mean loved. To enter please leave a comment stating what you'd get with your gift certificate and why (you're addicted to stationary, you love the way it looks, your old one broke etc.). Also be sure to leave your email address.  Good luck- I wish I could enter!


  1. I would use it to buy the duluth backpack!

  2. thank you for having this great giveaway and for introducing me to kaufmann mercantile!!
    i hadn't heard of it before and now i'm glad i know about it :)

    if i were to win $50, i would have a very hard time choosing what to buy. i'm so indecisive and i love everything!
    i would probably end up agonizing for days over what to buy before eventually spending all $50 at once!
    potential buys (&reasons)
    postalco notebooks in the various sizes- there's something beautiful and wonderful about writing things down in a notebook. if i buy a bunch of notebooks, i won't have an excuse for being unorganized :)
    flask- flasks are sooo cool! i would end up probably just putting water in it but still! flasks are elegant and remind me of the "good old days" my grandparents love to talk about
    wooden bristle brush- put simply, my hair is a mess. i'm always on the lookout for a good brush and this one looks like a noteworthy candidate.

    name: alice
    e-mail: alin0721@gmail.com

    keeping my fingers crossed :D
    good luck to everyone else who enters!


    p.s. sorry about my super long rambly comment....hope too many words don't keep me from winning the giveaway ;)

  3. I would definitely buy two of the awesome Wentworth Pewter Purse Flasks (the larger 3 oz. size, of course), one for my sister/best friend/soon-to-be maid-of-honor, and one for myself so that we can toast each other proper when we go on a mini getaway trip this spring. And then when we get back to town and the wedding madness takes over, the flasks will (very discretely) come in handy again and again.

  4. Great giveaway! It's so hard to choose. If I was being practical I would pick the dovo household scissors, because every time I reach for scissors I find that mine are dull. And for something fun, I would pick the camping hatchet. Not that I use a hatchet often but maybe that is just because I don't have a beautiful one on hand.

  5. what an excellent giveaway! I'd definitely get some beeswax candles, the citrus cocktail bitters and maybe the juniper soap.



  6. Wow, gorgeous stuff! The brass pencil box looks mighty good... And the Japanese pruning saw!

  7. i love everything on this site, thanks for hosting this amazing giveaway! i can't decide so here are the things i like the best.
    Vic Firth Pepper & Salt Mill No. 03 - because they look solid (and beautiful!). in the last few years we are constantly on the look for good mills, but we never seem to find the right ones. in just a few months we have to buy others. i would probably get two - one for salt, one for pepper. my sweetheart gets excited when he sees something that looks solid, made with good materials. i think he'll like them. oh and our mill drama would be finished.
    Reclaimed Oak Sandwich Boards sounds a lot like "our" thing as well. i simply LOVE the fact it's a set of two! we enjoy making sandwiches.
    and i adore the Weck Canning Jars (Straight) - because they look so sweet. and because you can never have enough jars for tea, now can you.

    my mail is dragonfly...gbg.bg


  8. I'd get the Stella Ariana Stovetop Espresso Maker because it's a classy way to make espresso without buying/finding space for one of those monster espresso machines -- and it would be very impressive to serve our guests (particularly my father in law) some excellent espresso post-dinner!

    1. Oh - capellett (at) gmail.com :)

  9. I'd be VERY tempted to put it towards a fruit picking pack, its delicious! But realistically I think I can't afford it and would get those adorable number clips and some kraft envelopes.
    Pretty please pick me! Love holly XXX

  10. oh so much to choose from! i'd love to get the enamelware lunch container oval, trying to move away from plastic tupperware.

  11. what a wonderful giveaway! i think i'd get some crafty supplies for my wedding! after spending some time on pintrest i am feeling inspired... xo jillian (cornflakedreams@gmail.com)

  12. so many great things. I would probably get a mix of stuff, including the round canning jars (so I can finally try out canning which has been on my to-do list for quite some time now), postalco notebook (have been on my wishlist for a while, love how they look) and the everyday carry keychain screwdrivers (need new keychains and I love how vintage-y these look. plus an added bonus since being a girl and all, I don't have tools and these seem pretty pratical).

    I love the aesthetic of the shop and pretty much all the products (even the ones for the male)..

    helloambition AT-GMAIL

  13. i would love to get some of those awesome cocktail bitters or maybe that coava chemex filter!

    cjburkhart at gmail dot com

  14. i would round out my birthday gift (which I LOVED) with the large xacto knife. yuss it's so nice.

  15. Oh my, it is hard to choose. Hand brush and dustpan for sure (is that boring?) and some of the entymology pins. Perhaps a new pair of scissors or the notions kit, too?

  16. There are so many pins I want from them I would just have to get them all. For hanging up drawings, for art installations, for the beautiful packaging... sigh. So beautiful. mail@hopehilton[dot]com

  17. I'd like to put it towards the purchase of a G. Wiseman Handmade Pocket Knife. With more and more items made overseas it's great to see that there are still old world craftsmen creating high quality items one at a time by hand right in the U.S.A.

    natsukashii (at) gmail dot com

  18. I think I'd get a set of Vic Firth Pepper & Salt Mills No. 01 because we need a salt grinder and our pepper mill is on its last leg. Thanks for the giveaway!

    mrs.marcus2 at yahoo dot com

  19. I would get the Large Postalco Notebook, Blackwing 602 Writing Pencils, and the Japanese Kraft Envelopes.

    I am really into sketching and the above three products all originate from the skilled craftsmen in Japan. I know they are extremely well made with the expert in mind.

    Each product would maximize the utility of the beginning stages to the end stages (drawing to finishing to storing)

    nmittal5 at yahoo dot com

  20. I love Kaufmann! I would stock up on my favorite canning jars my fruit trees are blooming and looks like a good jam season. Thanks, una@woolywalkers dot com

  21. what a great shop! I'd have a hard time with spending only $50!!!

  22. How would I ever choose? Its funny, but I might get the dust pan and hand broom, because I love beautiful cleaning supplies, and my little plastic dust pan an broom, are ugly and make me sad. I would be happy to hand these in plain sight. But then, I have been wanting a Chemex coffee pot. emmymgreene@me.com

  23. I would buy up the cocktail bitters - though that Canvas Tool Bag looks mighty tempting...

  24. Wonderful things! I think i would get a coffee accessory! Great give away :) Thanks!

  25. Love love love the Duluth Pack Canvas Backpack (Green)! I've had my eye on this amazing pack for a while. In desperate need of a new purse/pack!

  26. Love all of these things!!! As I have a bit of a (good looking) bag crisis I'd love to have the green Duluth Pack Canvas Tote Bag. Pretty please?!x sofiacarlbert@gmail.com

  27. I would love the set of Bitters! I've been wanting to try! I adore mixing drinks, especially gin. xo

  28. oh la la! i'm a real sucker for stationary. maryfulp@gmail.com

  29. Lovely giveaway!! I would get a Chemex coffee maker for my husband, who is a total coffee snob! It is also a beautiful design object to have in the home. cutechiccool@gmail.com

  30. amazing giveaway...! i would use a gift certificate to buy the coffee maker for myself. and for others too, but mainly myself. it is elegant and stylish and the pleasure of making a coffee every morning would... triple if not more. :) i've seen it in another blog about a year ago and i learned all about their shop by heart. i mean - i wish i could have everything from their store, even if there some things for men only. :)
    and yeah, that duluth pack canvas tote in green... ooooh...!

  31. Thanks for introducing me to an awesome store. I love, love, love their stuff. Where to start? I've got my eye on the Boiled Apple Cider Syrup, the Enamelware Kitchen Set and the Hudson Valley Heirloom Seedsm just to name a few!

    Thank you for an awesome giveaway!

  32. I would definitely use the gift card to buy the beautiful Colored Craft & Marking Tape for various projects and a few of those beautiful ballpoint pens. I've fallen in love with them!


  33. I'd but the Stella Lucido Stovetop Espresso Maker! I've wanted one since I started drinking coffee and this one is so elegant!


    p.s. hello from a fellow mariah!

  34. I would love the garden tool set and the deerskin work gloves! I recently moved into a house with a yard and I would love to grow a little flower garden!


  35. I'd be all over that Scrappy's cocktail bitters, citrus set! You can't get enough bitters and theyre so cute!!


  36. I'd love to get myself those brass clips and some of that coloured so I could organize my life. I'm certain that if my books look pretty and are organized that I'm gonna do well in my exams (:

  37. AH, I love the packagings of their products!
    I would chose Reclaimed Oak Sandwich Board because:
    a) my old one went under the oven and I can't get it out
    b) so I borrowed one from my mom and it suddenly broke to pieces
    c) I borrowed another one last week but it's not of the best quality... therefore I could really use this gorgeous board!


  38. what a cool store. those syrups look delicious!

  39. I would get the canvas tool bag for my husbands birthday coming up! Amazing shop. Love your blog.


  40. I would definitely get the mahogany coasters! Since we just moved into our new place, I've been looking for cools ones, and these are perfect - not to mention the awesome stand they come in (and a great conversation starter:) lindsaybreitenberg@gmail.com.

  41. i would wear the Leather Tool Belt Pouch ALL OF THE TIME! I know its more of a dude thing but I could use that for all of my little projects inside the house and outside in my yard! oooo and I love the smell of leather. oh dear god yes.

  42. I would definitely get one of the Wentworth Pewter Purse Flasks 3oz....they look so well made and useful. Or maybe perhaps the Diamond Knife Sharpener....


  43. Hi! I'd love the Sewing Notions kit! It's gorgeous.
    Thank you for the giveaway!
    linnea194 (at) yahoo.ca

  44. one of the great canvas totes!

  45. Oh boy, everything is wonderful! I would get the camera wrists strap, because I am in need of one for my new little film camera. This one is so pretty!


  46. my husband and i have a thing for stationary and I would buy him all kinds of envelopes (like the japanese ones!) and things to do with paper for our first anniversary.

  47. I have been dying for a Pendelton Wool Blanket forever!! Beautiful- I love this site!

    acmcel at wm dot edu

  48. i was wondering if anyone has tried the '''Ginger Syrup'''.
    i am obsessed with anything super gingery (ever since i tried
    'Fevertree's Ginger Beer- best thing EVER, soooooo spicy)
    i would love to find the next thing!!!


  49. I may be late on the uptake on this one, but I thought I would muse anyway. There are many things that I would love from Kauffman Mercantile: the Duluth Pack {i haven't had a backpack since i was a kid, but the lines on these packs are so clean and crisp- i think it may be time to give my aching shoulder a break. i am one of those women who carries a suitcase as a purse. one always has to be prepared!}, the Scrappy's Bitters Sets {my husband and i love to craft cocktails and my recent intention has been to begin a bitters collection, so these would kick off our enterprise swimmingly!}, and last but not least the Merchant and Mills Sewing Notions Set {i have been eying this beauty for awhile for the design and typography. i don't know i would actually be able to use it for fear that i would ruin the design, but boy i would enjoy looking at it. pretty.}

    kylieemers {at} gmail.com


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