Christmas Gift Guide: For Her

Monday, December 12, 2011

A few gift ideas for the ladies in your life. Personalized stationary is always so fun to have but something you never really spend money on for yourself- which makes it a great gift to give and receive. Great leather clutches from poketo, think vintage and find a unique bag, new undies are always fun to get, would love to wear this enamel locket around my neck, bangles, bangles, bangles, a cute pair of striped slip ons, and the best looking iphone case I've ever seen.

I'll pick back up with gift ideas for the boys on Friday but make sure you don't miss Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday- I've got some amazing giveaways lined up! 
stationary, tote, clutch, bangles, iphone case, locket, shoes, undies


  1. I have been stalking those enamel lockets - it'd be a perfect present for a new mother!

  2. Congratulations on your new beautiful baby boy! and just when i thought i knew what i wanted for christmas, you post this beautiful little wish list! ha ;)

  3. i am obsessed with those leather clutches!! where do i find them?

  4. I agree with Lindsay--I want to know where to buy those clutches!

  5. that iphone case is awesome! love it!


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