Where Did You Go? + New Favorites!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Over the weekend I found this picture of Marisa Tomei and I thought to myself 1. "Marisa Tomei, I love Marisa Tomei" and 2. "Where did you go Marisa Tomei?" Regardless of where she's gone, it's a cute picture and apparently it has something to do with Opening Ceremony- sorry I can't remember all the details.

Also I wanted to mention I've added some new favorite blogs I've been reading lately. They are so lovely I wanted to share. Look to your right for the "New!" under Favorite Places and take a peek when you've got some time.



  1. I adore Marisa Tomei and this photo! Hands down my favorite movie of hers is Only You with Robert Downey, Jr! Such a fun romantic comedy!

  2. that picture makes me want to be a brunette.

  3. I love her! What DID happen to her, she was an amazing actress, so offbeat. She won an Oscar, too, that's crazy! Lovely pic! XO!

  4. i really love her in every single role she plays (especially only you & my cousin vinny). She was in The Wrestler recently, so she hasn't disappeared... i'd love to see her in a leading role again.

  5. ohhhh i didn't realize she was in the wrestler. hope she's in more movies soon.


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