Now & Then: Marie Curie

Thursday, July 22, 2010

If Marie Curie was still alive she'd be wearing Rag and Bone's 2010 Fall Ready To Wear Collection.


Marie Curie had a bit of mad scientist vibe going- the crazy unkempt hair and all. The Victorian touches in Rag and Bone's Fall ready to wear collection- fitted jackets, high necklines and dark colors are just perfect for this brilliant, Nobel prize winning scientist. Let me know if you have any requests and if you missed Frida Kahlo or Georgia O'keefe go here and here.

In other news- we made it to the U.S. safely and it's been wonderful! Had a great homecoming dinner with friends and family last night. Headed to the beach for the afternoon but I'll definitely be posting regularly while I'm here!


  1. i love these now & then posts :)


  2. i just came across your blog today & had to make it my first "new-to-me" post on my blog! i love it!!!

  3. I'm really enjoying this series! Can totally imagine Marie Curie wearing that outfit.

  4. Can we see a Now & Then of Amelia Earhart? A 4th grade wax museum indulgence...

  5. I love these posts. I hope you don't mind that I passed this one along -


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