New York Here We Come!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Headed to New York today with our friends from Cape Town! We are all SO excited and thankfully the heat wave is dropping from 100+ degrees (40+ c.) down to the mid to high 80's (low to mid 30's c.). Any places we should visit?



  1. Hi,
    Brooklyn is hot! If you buy the Vogue Living edition July/ August you'll find all the hotspots over there!

    PS check out the Uniglo store at Broadway

  2. The Little Red Lighthouse beneath the GW bridge on 181st street, if you have time for a walk after you visit what is in my opinion the best-landscaped park in the world, with its staircase-like winding paths, that is Fort Tryon Park, aka where the Cloisters is located.

  3. I'm biased since I live here, but Smith and Court St have tons of great shops and restaurants. My favorite boutique is Dear Fieldbinder. Enjoy!

  4. thank you for all of the suggestions! i'm going to check them out.


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