Headed Home

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A week from today we leave to go home to the States for a visit. I'm excited about a lot of things- the switch from winter to summer, laying on the beach, family dinners, playing with my niece, taking a road trip to New York, but most of all I'm excited to see my friends! Friends that make you laugh so hard you cry (Shelley Harris) and friends that even though you haven't seen them in almost a year- it doesn't matter, it's like no time has passed and you're racing down the street riding bikes together again.



  1. MALIAH YOU SWEETIE FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i luvvvv you. i cannot WAIT to see you

  2. Thanks for sopping by my blog, I love yours!

  3. yayy! can't wait to see your face :)


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