If You Like It Then You Better Put A Ring On It

Friday, June 4, 2010

Here are a few more pictures from the wedding that weren't shared on Style Me Pretty. I surprised Andrew and all of the guest's with a gospel choir at the reception. It was definitely a highlight. And you can see in the bottom left corner our invitation- letterpressed by the lovely Rachel of Pistachio Press. (that image is from her site) That's it! We celebrate our anniversary on Sunday with a trip to the spa at the Mount Nelson Hotel here in Cape Town. Andrew had been secretly putting money aside for the past several months to surprise me with the spa package. The best part- it's called "Best Friends Forever Spa Package." Love it.




  1. Mariah, Happy anniversary for Sunday!

    What a gorgeous wedding... An absolutely stunning dress and that setting - how divine!

    A little birdy (ahem, a very sweet husband of nearly one year!) emailed me as you kindly have me listed in your 'favourite places' links (thankyou!)

    I just wanted to say hi from Australia - that I'm really enjoying your blog (I think we have very similar taste!) and that I hope you have a relaxing, romantic, laugh-filled anniversary on Sunday. I wish you and your (super-sweet) husband all the very best...

    Love and best wishes from the Surf Coast.
    Mary Rose


  2. beautiful. you are a gorgeous couple.

  3. A lovely wedding! What a beautiful couple you are! Just found your blog and am already loving it!

  4. Happy Anniversay guys - read about you over at Anne's place.

    V.cool wedding you had there, and a lovely blog.


  5. Happy anniversary. What a beautiful wedding!!
    Wish you all the best. :)


  6. Just lovely! I have to tell you I just found your blog today via The City Sage and I just adore it!



  7. happy anniversary! [i come from ali's cool blog- hooray!]


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