The Graceful Lady- Anna Allen

Monday, June 7, 2010

I can't remember how I found Anna Allen's blog- wildflowers::pretty, but oh man, I'm so glad I did. She is like the modern day Laura Ingles Wilder. She lives in Iowa and is always posting lovely images like the one's you'll find below of her simple, lovely, and refreshing fashion sense, different craft projects- mostly sewing, and her photography as well.


Another thing I love about her- she's in love with all things 19th Century and participates in Living History events- wear's the big bell skirts from Abraham Lincoln's day, shoots rifles, sleeps under the stars and lives off the land.


She's also got her own clothing line. Amazing. Check out her online shops here and here.



  1. Looking at those pictures has made me rethink my entire summer look. Thanks!


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