Catch the Fever

Monday, June 14, 2010

Tonight we are going to our first World Cup match in the stadium here in Cape Town. Italy vs. Paraguay! We'll be screaming our faces off for Italy- there's still ten hours before the game starts but already I'm so excited. Look how beautiful my city looks and how amazing is that stadium?

image via beatnik bazaar


  1. How exciting! I wish I was there right now ;) Your city is amazing! I hope you have a wonderful time at the game. xx

  2. hi , I know this comment doesn't "count", because I'm your mother-in-law. But I love your blog and i love this image and i love the paper dresses and I love you! FOZA ITALIA! Have fun tonite.

  3. Your city looks beautiful. It would be so exciting to watch it in the stadium - have fun!

  4. What a great shot of Table fog. Can't wait to catch the highlights from the game later on.

  5. What an inspiring blog you have :D

  6. I'm so envious you can go to these games! I'm watching them all from my sofa.
    ps. I'm almost used to the hum of bees noise. I can't imagine it in person!


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